Shine Lincolnshire


Our History

In 2011 an event called ‘Great Expectations’ was organised where mental health organisations across Lincolnshire came together to see what they wanted, how they could help and what they could contribute to a new organisation.

Many of the organisations wanted more collaborative working and a network of services available – from this Shine was created.

On the day a workshop called “how will we make a community mental health support network work in practice” was held.  During this people to build a tree, the last part of the exercise was to write a personal promise to improving mental health in the county and a sun shape was used as a sign of hope.  Somebody wrote “Shine at what I do” this was taken forward into Shine’s logo.

In 2021 Shine began a period of rapid expansion, during which time the organisation grew to 19 members of staff across Lincolnshire and extended its remit to include peer support, grant administration and training. As the charity continued to grow into 2022 it was felt it was time to refresh Shine Lincolnshire’s brand identity and logo to reflect the charities growth. The new logo both reflects the journey Shine has embarked upon while ensuring we stay true to our roots by paying homage to some of the features of the original logo.