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Four Counties

Four Counties

Hi, I’m Sammy, and have been working as a Peer Support Worker with Shine for over a year now. I’m based at MindSpace in Stamford, a calm well-being hub for the community to use to connect, learn, seek a listening ear, or enjoy a quiet cuppa and a biscuit.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my lived experience of mental health difficulties with others and for that reciprocity to enable us to move forwards positively. Before becoming a Peer Support Worker, I had a varied career across hospitality and marketing. On coming through some of my mental challenges I decided to turn my attention to helping others, so I went back to university to study Positive Psychology. It highlighted that we all have peaks and troughs throughout life, and there is no right or wrong route through these. I hope to inspire people to find hope that the troughs can become peaks and find the motivation to carry on climbing them.

Outside of work, I am a bit of a fitness fanatic but that goes hand in hand with cake baking and the odd dabble in watercolour painting. It’s always exciting to support peers to explore activities, engage with communities and express ideas together across south Lincolnshire.

Hi everyone, I’m Emma, one of two Peer Support Workers, that cover the Four Counties area, in south Lincolnshire. I joined Shine in February 2022 and have been supporting adults in Stamford, Bourne and the surrounding villages since May.

Having spent a number of years away from work due to my own mental and physical health struggles – and diagnoses I continue to live with –  I returned to work with the sole aim of supporting others in my community, with their own mental health. I love to share that life has shaped me and provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills which I bring to this role. My life has taught to empathise and appreciate the challenges that adults face in their search for recovery.

It is immensely rewarding to see the progress in those I support, and to realise which groups and activities on offer locally allow them to reconnect and understand they are not alone. Mental health can be very isolating and allowing people to develop their confidence and attend an interest or pastime with like minded adults can be empowering, it’s wonderful to see this and be a part of someone’s growth.

Coming back to work has been quite a personal challenge, however Shine have allowed me to flourish in a supportive work environment, with an amazing team of people. I believe Shine are a unique employer, in that they champion inclusivity and provide ongoing training opportunities for all their staff, which has allowed me to continue to develop and understand my capabilities. I’ve learnt to be proud of my diagnoses and all I’ve overcome.