Shine Lincolnshire



I’m Paul, a Peer Support Worker in the Trent PCN, I’ve been in post for just over a year now and have found the role to be interesting as it’s a huge change from my last employment.

Having spent over 22 years in one place before this job I am slowly getting accustomed to a different way of working and a different way of managing my time. The factory life of 8 to 5 with set times for breaks and lunch seems a lifetime away now.

During my time spent as a PSW I can see how we can help make other people’s lives a lot better and I feel I get more job satisfaction from the job I am currently doing as apposed to my previous job of quality checking golf clubs.

Having had dark times in my life I am now well enough to see how I can help others who feel they too are struggling with their mental health, this is something I genuinely enjoy doing and love to see the team I work in make a difference to other people’s lives.