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NW Counselling Hub – The Anti-Loneliness Alliance

NW Counselling Hub – The Anti-Loneliness Alliance

The Anti-Loneliness Alliance (TALA) connects vulnerable people to create meaningful relationships with each other.

TALA provides peer support through befriending and group activities.


TALA will provide support with:

Befriending Groups

  • A weekly 2-hour peer-support group and mindfulness group, meeting on Tuesdays from 3pm to 5pm.
  • A BACP-registered, NWCH-employed therapist will be the group facilitator, encouraging peer bonding through a structured programme of activities.
  • The facilitator will host 1 x 2-hour groups weekly (max. 12 beneficiaries)
  • NWCH Safeguarding Lead will be on-site during group sessions.


Mindfulness for mental health

  • 1 hour per week mindfulness session online facilitated by an NWCH mindfulness practitioner, immediately after each NWCH meet-up group.


Online TALA Forum

  • TALA closed group on Facebook where there will be discussions and to promote TALA meet-ups outside of those hosted by NWCH, plus encourage members to share self-help and coping strategies.
  • The TALA forum will be open to members during and after the project.


Come along to a free friendly group, where you will find a cuppa, a biscuit and a warm welcome.

Call to book your FREE session on 01522 253809