Shine Lincolnshire

Suicide Prevention Investment Fund

The Suicide Prevention Investment Fund

The annual suicide audit supports the strategy that through provision of appropriate and timely intelligence, cohorts identified as being at risk of suicide within Lincolnshire could have services developed that provide focused support.

As a result of the audit, Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire ICB and Shine Lincolnshire worked in partnership to set up the Lincolnshire Community Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund Grant Programme that aimed to fund community organisations to work directly with males, who are the highest at-risk group for suicides in Lincolnshire.

The funding has been developed on a multi-agency basis and co-produced alongside people with lived experience to reach out and save lives. The vision is to recognise and support the aim that Lincolnshire is a place where suicide is not considered as an option and people will continue to have hope.

Full details of projects funded through historic waves of this fund can be found here.