Shine Lincolnshire

Peer Support Training

Peer Support Training

Shine Lincolnshire are committed to providing an individual and tailored volunteering training experience as we recognise the importance of volunteering both for the person and the organisation.

We believe that volunteer peer support workers deserve tailored preparation so that:

  • they are confident about their role, their personal expertise and their limitations within a peer-supporting capacity
  • they have a clear understanding of how to keep themselves and the person they support physically and emotionally safe
  • they offer mutual support that focuses on building the hopes, strengths, and resources of the person they support

As a charity, we understand the impact volunteers have on our organisations and strive to ensure their journey with peer support training reflects this. Furthermore, offer a purposeful introductory exploration into the core values and principles of peer support.

Shine Lincolnshire have worked closely with ImROC to develop and be able to offer a welcoming and insightful training experience to prepare and upskill any volunteer working in a peer supporting role, ensuring that considerations are made to creating a safe and trusting relationship in supporting a peer on their journey to mental health recovery.

Further information available on contact with [email protected]