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Andy’s Ramblers Yorkshire Peaks challenge!

Andy’s Ramblers Yorkshire Peaks challenge!

Andy and his Ramblers, a group of friends who came together with the goal of getting out in the fresh air of an evening or weekend to take the stress out of daily life, completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks in aid of Shine Lincolnshire!

The group is well established and can often be found on a ramble in the evening chatting, learning new skills and working on the problems life brings all while getting some fresh air. Not content with their usual walks around Gainsborough, some of the group wanted to set themselves a challenge, to walk the Yorkshire three peaks- not a small task for anyone, let alone some of the group who only started ‘seriously’ walking in February.

While a big challenge, the group took it in their stride and completed the three peaks last weekend in under 12 hours, raising money for Shine Lincolnshire in the process, so they could ‘support other peoples mental health while supporting their own’.

We are incredible proud of the team and so grateful for their hard work and the generosity of those who have donated. We would also like to thank them for taking Bert along for the trip!

Bert said ‘ it was a fantastic, sunny day! The group all worked really hard and pushed through the tiring bits- although I think I had it slightly easier as I was carried the whole way!’

If you would like to donate to support their incredible efforts, you can here: Andrew Turner is fundraising for Shine Lincolnshire (



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