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Education and Training

In line with our growth, Shine Lincolnshire have expanded to include a Training and Education Offer. This Offer includes courses from the National leading provider Mental Health First Aid England (MHFAE) in Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health First Aid Refresher, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Skills for Managers and as a Mental Health Champion. To further compliment this offer there is the new Suicide First Aid through the National Centre for Suicide Prevention, Education and Training (NCSPET). Shine now offer a range of Adult and Paediatric Physical First Aid courses accredited through Qualsafe Awards. 

These courses are available to all. This includes multi-sector managers and practitioners including health, housing, social care, education, criminal justice, call centre operators, private, voluntary and public sector workers and community groups or members. They will complement existing wellbeing programs or could be a start of developing a wellbeing/welfare structure. 

If you are a business looking to support your staff’s health and wellbeing, one for our varied Mental Health Training Courses might be a perfect fit for you, whether you already have established Mental Health First Aid roles or not, Shine can work with you and your staff to provide a package of consultation and support for their role.

If you aren’t part of an organisation or are looking to enhance your skills and would like to undertake training we can offer courses in Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid, Adult and Paediatric Physical First aid.

If you would like to discuss your training needs further, please contact us at [email protected]

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