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Berts 5k Dash!

Berts 5k Dash!

On the 26th March Bert and his helpers (our wonderful Sarah and Jo) took part in the Caythorpe 5K Dash!

Although the weather was against them and the course was muddy, hilly and tough, the team completed the course in a fantastic 43 minutes and 11 seconds!

We could tell you all about how the 5k dash went, but why not hear it from Bert himself?

‘I turned up at Caythorpe with plenty of time to do my stretches and get my 2 colleagues Jo and Sarah warmed up and ready for the run, I was slightly worried as there was a few lively dogs also waiting for the start and I know how much they are attracted to fluffy things.

The weather was slightly damp but luckily the rain stopped, and my shower cap and poncho were not needed, it was a good start, and the first bit was on tarmac but soon turned onto off-road and slippery and muddy under foot.

As we reached the off-road part we were quickly followed by the runners with dogs, this was probably the most “Hair raising” moment, once the dogs had run past and were in front the run became more enjoyable.

Jo and Sarah did a fantastic job of keeping me upright and going forward, they steered me away from obstacles such as puddles and branches sticking out from bushes and trees, once we reached the road part of the run again the end was in sight.

As we reached the final part of the run, I could hear all the Shine Lincolnshire employees that had turned up to support myself, Jo and Sarah.

Once we crossed the finish line and we were handed our well-earned medals I heard that I was the first fluffy mascot runner that the Caythorpe 5k had ever had!

Can I say a massive thanks to all those who supported me on the day, Jo and Sarah for their help along the course and to all those who sponsored us with the Just Giving page.’

If you would like to donate to support Bert’s fantastic effort, you can by going to our Just giving page:


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