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Community Asset Development Fund

The Community Asset Development Fund

The Community Asset Development fund aims to support people to live independently in their own homes and communities with access to a range of activities and services that promotes outcomes which support recovery and good mental health; and generally, contributes to improved health, wellbeing, independence, and choice for people with a mental illness including serious mental illness.

This involves working alongside people with lived experience and partner agencies to ensure equitable access to community support services across the County and developing Community Assets to provide a wide range of services and activities for Social Prescribers to “tap into”.

Wave One of the fund was a £170,000 investment that launched in early 2021 and was open to organisations across the four accelerator sites in Mental health transformation, from this we saw 19 successful projects delivered across Lincoln, Grantham, Boston and Gainsborough, supporting 2,739 beneficiaries in total.

Following on from the success of Wave One of the fund, Wave Two of the fund was launched in 2022 and saw 103 applications countywide, with 35 successful projects. These projects supported a total of 3933 beneficiaries across Lincolnshire.

In 2023, Wave Three of the Community Asset Development Fund was launched and saw 25 projects across Lincolnshire support 2242 beneficiaries.

‘Each undertaken project has afforded a unique opportunity for beneficiaries in Lincolnshire to convene and access support within their local communities Without these fantastic initiatives, these beneficiaries would have had limited choices in accessing support for their mental wellbeing, increasing the risk of crisis escalation. The initiatives undertaken by these projects have been crucial in enhancing the mental well-being of communities, emphasizing the essential role played by the third sector.’ – Kerry Stocks, Operations Manager

Information on the projects and organisations funded through the three waves of the Community Asset Development Fund can be found in the below evaluations.