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Long Covid Peer Support

Long Covid Peer Support

Since 2020 the world as we know changed…. The unprecedented COVID Pandemic affected us all, and changed some peoples lives forever, and for others presented lifelong challenges. Long Covid is a condition that for some, is debilitating, lonely and affects both physical and mental wellbeing.

The Living with Long COVID & Excessive Fatigue Project involves a collaboration of NHS Teams and charitable organisations; LVET, Every-One, Shine Lincolnshire, Active Lincs & Connect2Support, that have come together to engage people in accessing support either by co-production, peer support, online support, organisational training and professional advice.

Working as part of a collaborative team, Shine Lincolnshire began to raise awareness of the challenges people face living with Long COVID. On this feature of our website, we will be sharing the work of the project partners and signpost to various means of further support for people Living with Long COVID & Excessive Fatigue as part of the project funded by NHS Charities Together.

Detailed below are extracts outlining the work so far and signposting to further areas of information and support.

Living with Long COVID & Excessive Fatigue Support Groups

Part of Shine Lincolnshire’s project was to create some local face to face support groups so that people had an opportunity to meet other people who have had similar experiences and live with similar challenges. An opportunity to share their stories in a safe and welcoming environment whilst enjoying a cuppa and cake! With the support of local communities, Shine have supported 8 wellbeing hubs and organisations to create Long COVID Support Groups. All the groups are locally owned and managed by their hosting organisation to benefit their local communities with a friendly place meet with others who understand their challenges (see the timetable).    

Long COVID Training Course Designed For The Physical Activity Sector

Active Lincolnshire has produced a FREE e-learning training guide for providers of physical activity to support people with Long Covid to recover and manage their condition. 

The practical online training takes around 30 minutes to complete and contains videos and guidance for providers that is easy to digest. The training is designed to give the skills and knowledge to support people with Long Covid to regain their confidence and ability to undertake everyday things, including being physically active. 

The course outlines adaptations and changes that can make activities Long Covid-friendly, many of which will be useful for other health conditions as well, especially those that cause fatigue. The ideas in the guide are relevant for activities delivered in a variety of settings found across Lincolnshire including sports facilities, community and village halls, care homes, schools, open spaces and other non-traditional physical activity venues.

Please share the link below with your staff and any public facing or community staff within your organisation who could benefit from this free course. Long Covid Course – Long COVID & Physical Activity e-Learning Course – Active Lincolnshire

Together, our actions will have the biggest impact on the lives of people with Long Covid, creating
a more accessible and inclusive environment for everyone.

Partner Support for those living with Long Covid

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