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Shine Lincolnshire are seeking “Fairy Godparents”

Shine Lincolnshire are seeking “Fairy Godparents”

This is how Belinda, Shines Business Manager describes Shines board of trustees…They sit high enough to guide and ensure governance, but sit low enough to assist and mentor without interfering.


Shine’s board of trustees & staff are from diverse backgrounds, but all have a passion for mental health.


When we asked our Business Manager what our board of trustees meant to her this is what she said:

“I sit in the board meetings and I am blown away by the passion all trustees have for mental health and how Shine can and does play its part in the transformation of improving mental health within Lincolnshire. The trustees bring different perspectives from their current and previous careers but ultimately have one objective… to be a part of improving people’s mental health and their access to services. The meetings are structured but relaxed, the trustees are there for governance, strategic planning and guidance but do not get involved operationally, that’s why we have a CEO”.


We are looking for new trustees to sit on our board, at the moment it’s a couple of hours a month, these could be reduced to bi-monthly or even quarterly.


Are you any of the following?


Working in law with a passion for Mental Health

  • Semi-Retired or Retired from law with a passion for MH
  • Coming towards the end of study in law with a passion for MH
  • Working in a legal department of a corporation with a passion for MH


An Individual with their own Lived Experience

  • Looking to be involved with strategic conversations from the start
  • Helping to scrutinise performance through the eyes of a beneficiary
  • Ensuring accountability to our local communities



Someone looking to give their time to support our work

  • Able to bring your previous business/commercial experience to Shine as a trustee, with a passion for MH
  • Looking to give back 2 hours a month to a charity because you have a passion for MH
  • Does your employer allow you time off for charity work?
  • Are you studying at Uni with a passion for MH?
  • Do you want to join one of Lincolnshire’s fastest-growing MH charities as a trustee to make a difference?


Then we need you!!


Contact [email protected] if you would like more details.


Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.


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