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Part 2 – Long COVID & Managing Excessive Fatigue: The Project

Part 2 – Long COVID & Managing Excessive Fatigue: The Project

Back in February, as part of the Long COVID project, we announced our Long COVID Roadshow alongside the publication of a booklet ‘Living with the Challenges of Long/Post COVID and Managing Excessive Fatigue’. Now, as we settle into longer, brighter days, the roadshow is complete, and the legacy of the Project is thriving.

The Long COVID Project

The Long COVID Project was formed of a collaboration between Shine Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team (LVET), Every-One, Active Lincs, NHS Post COVID Rehab Team and Connect to Support, to create a network of support and increased accessibility to advice and information for people living with symptoms of Long COVID and Excessive Fatigue. Funded by NHS Charities Together, the project hosted community drop-ins across Lincolnshire, alongside the recruitment and training of volunteers that have lived experience of Long COVID. The result of almost 12 months is seven ongoing face-to-face Long COVID and Excessive Fatigue Peer Support Groups, running weekly, fortnightly or monthly across the County, owned and managed by local organisations that know their communities best. The groups provide an opportunity to share experiences over a cuppa and cake as well as to inform, advise and signpost people to further support.

In February and March of this year, the roadshow visited all seven districts of Lincolnshire, setting up in public spaces and community hubs to distribute over 4,000 ‘Living with the Challenges of Long/Post COVID and Managing Excessive Fatigue’ booklets (download here), signpost to the Peer Support Groups and refer people to the NHS COVID Rehab Team.


The Long COVID Roadshow & Legacy

Jane Kelly, Shine’s Senior Peer Support Worker (COVID), has been behind the behemoth task of co-ordinating the Roadshow and the Peer Support Groups, alongside recruiting and training volunteers.

Jane’s impact statement tells the real story of what a journey the project has been for all involved:

“Wow, what can I say! I embarked on this project with Shine Lincolnshire as part of a collaborative team funded by NHS Charities Together to raise awareness and support people living in our communities around Lincolnshire in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. The last nine months has been one of the most honest and truly humbling journeys of my working career. Filled with raw emotion, courage and sheer determination from people living with the challenges of Long- and Post- COVID with communities and organisations wanting nothing more than to support them.

“It’s been an incredible professional journey, filling my heart with respect for all every single one of us, for navigating the unprecedented challenges that faced us all throughout the COVID pandemic and beyond. I remember thinking at the time, with so much fear and trepidation surrounding us, that whilst we were all navigating the same seas, we were all travelling in very different vessels. How true this was. During this project I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most courageous people I have ever met and collaborated with the most committed and passionate professionals across the NHS Post COVID Rehabilitation Team, Every-One, Active Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire County Council – Connect to Support and a host of communities.

“The Long COVID Project has been a tale of many sides; pure pride at what the collaborative team has achieved, a heavy heart for all who still live with the ongoing challenges of COVID but most of all humbled… Humbled through the power of community and the sheer determination of people who were so brutally affected by COVID to try to re-build their lives. This astounds me. It has been an honour to have been a part of the project and I hope that the project booklet provides an ongoing source of information for some time to come. 

“Thank you all for being a part of the Long COVID Project journey and thank you to all who came out to see us, we really appreciated it, and it was so nice to meet you all.”

Shine Lincolnshire would like to thank everyone that has, and continues to be, involved in the Long COVID Project. Click here for information on the Long COVID and Managing Excessive Fatigue Peer Support Groups and to download the booklet.

Thank you to hosts:

  • Sleaford Community Grocery Store
  • Lincoln Waterside Centre
  • Boston Hub
  • Centenary Church Boston
  • MARISCO Medical Centre, Mablethorpe
  • BHive Grantham
  • Johnsons Community Hospital Spalding
  • Tesco, Gainsborough.

Thank you to the support of the project partners:

  • Paula and Vicky, Every-One
  • Donna, Active Lincs
  • Sam, Rachel, Alex, Johnny and Christina, Lincolnshire County Council Connect to Support
  • Age UK
  • Hazel and the team, Lincoln University
  • Paloma, Jakob, Tricia, Yasmin, Jade, Mark and Lorna, NHS COVID Rehabilitation Team
  • Laura, Tonic Health.