Shine Lincolnshire

Managed Care Network Fund

The Managed Care Network Fund

The Managed Care Network is an alliance of county-wide community groups and organisations collaborating to deliver a variety of support activities, services, and projects.

These initiatives aim to provide individuals with structure and choices in their lives, contributing to positive emotional well-being. The funding is intended to support people in living independently, with access to a range of activities and services that promote outcomes such as reduced social isolation, a safe and non-judgemental space for recovery, and the promotion of good mental health. Projects generally contribute to improved health, well-being, independence, and choice for individuals with mental illnesses, including serious mental illness. This involves working collaboratively with individuals who have lived experiences and partner agencies to ensure equitable access to community support services countywide.

Following Wave 12 of the fund, The Managed Care Network Fund was merged with the Community Asset Development Fund to form the Mental Health and Wellbeing Community Investment Fund. 

Full details of the projects funded through this historic stream can be found here.