Shine Lincolnshire

First Coastal

First Coastal

Hi I’m Gemma, I am a peer support worker covering the first
coastal area. I work within the Integrated Placed Based Team in

I started as welfare support and peer support worker
within my role in the fire service, supporting groups and individuals with
their own mental health and understanding of their thoughts and feelings,
whether this was personal or following incidents they attended.

After starting my own journey to better mental health and
working hard to discover myself and my own needs to compliment this, my passion
grew to assist others with their mental health, using my own experience as an
inspiration to others in their own recovery journey. I love doing this by
helping others discover their own strengths and qualities, instilling
self-worth and confidence in themselves to achieve their goals no matter how
big or small. Every goal achieved is success and a step forward into achieving
the life you would like to lead. It’s a discovery of what ignites your own fire
and tending to your own needs to allow yourself to live a fulfilled life which
you value, and I love walking alongside others to help them reach this point.
It’s listening and encouraging where needed giving others the opportunities
they may not see themselves.


I have been in post since February 2022 and can honestly say
I love my role and what it brings every day. There is no Monday morning
feeling, just the opportunity to meet others and help them live a life they can
love too. This does not mean life will be perfect every day, it means we can
take the good with the not so good and still understand we value our days and
live happily and fulfilled. It fulfils me to help others reach that point by
sharing my own journey.