Shine Lincolnshire

Managed Care Network

The Managed Care Network is an alliance of county-wide community groups and organisations delivering a variety of support activities, services and projects which provide people with structure and choice in their lives contributing to individuals’ emotional wellbeing within their own community.

The Mental Health Promotion Fund that underpins this network is a partnership which has historically been provided by Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT). The management of the network was now handed over from LPFT to Shine Lincolnshire to for the 2021/22 wave 11.

The funding aims to support people to live well and independently in their own homes and communities with access to a range of activities and services that promote outcomes including:

  • reduced social isolation
  • contributing to mental health recovery
  • contributing to positive mental health and resilience
  • contributing to improved health and wellbeing
  • supporting with signposting to other relevant services
  • providing choice for people with a mental illness including serious mental illness
  • supporting with independence
  • making new social connections
  • learning new skills

The fund was a £318,750 investment and saw 48 applications split into East, West and South resulting in 34 successful projects.

Organisation & Project

Wave 12
Organisation and Project